5 Must Haves In Your Closet

5 Must Haves In Your Closet.jpg

We all know that trends come and go …… the mystery of when and why remains but in the midst of the ever changing world that is fashion let me put you at ease with the things that will not change. So exhale knowing that for the next few moments I will describe to you the 5 must haves in your closet.These 5 things I love and use consistently in my clients wardrobes year after year. I am so thankful for items that can be considered ageless, meaning that you dont have to be 18 to wear them without feeling like you are trying too hard. Lets get to it!!!!

1. Booties-

Booties accomplish two very important jobs in the wardrobe. They add height to the body which will lengthen and slim and they are easy to wear with just about anything! I pair booties with my skinny jeans, boyfriend jeans, dresses, skirts…


2. Blazers

Blazers are fantastic! Gone are the days of frumpy shapeless cardigans! Yes I know they may feel good but that doesn't always translate to looking good. Your northface fleece can feel good and slouchy but your layering outerwear needs to have shape and structure to it! There is not much that looks better with a flattering pair of jeans and heels on a night out than a blazer. I suggest purchasing one in black, navy, or camel. These are the neutral shades that will give you the most versatility, meaning they will go back with several other pieces in your wardrobe.

3. Animal Print

I know that not all of us feel super comfortable in prints and honestly I tend to shy away from prints on bottom because I feel larger looking in them. However, that said animal print comes in so many different options. What I am saying is before you run to buy animal print pants... try an animal print clutch or pointed toe flat.  When you wear solid colors its fun to add interest with your bags and shoes... I LOVE my animal print when it is pony hair because it immediately just looks and feels more expensive. 

4. Chambray Shirts

Chambray, the fancy word for denim shirt... is comfy and stylish! I wear my chambray shirt on a weekly basis, it's on Riane repeat! But I do change it up so that I get several looks with it. Denim on denim is fantastic and such a fun casual go to. So grab your denim skinny jean and throw on your chambray top, and guess what…you won't look like a farmer! And for another option...put black booties or heels on for a night out. I love to wear my chambray shirt with my black skinny jeans and a fur vest to give a complete fall look. 

5. Lace

Lace used to be a “dressy” look, but like many fashion rules that have changed over time this is no longer the case. Lace makes me feel instantly more feminine and classy. A lace shell under your blazer is a must. A black lace dress is never ever a bad idea. And better yet…. sweaters with lace detail can be thrown back with boyfriend jeans for a casual updated look. 

If you are missing any of these pieces in your wardrobe you can now go out and shop with a purpose as opposed to avoiding eye contact with any retail personel. No you're not just looking, you my friend are there to take care of business and take home fewer items...items that make sense. I appreciate a good deal as much as the next girl, but if i bought everything i found because it was marked final sale or last call I would have a closet full of random! Therein lies the saying "I have a closet full of clothes and nothing to wear!!!” Don't be stressed or confused by fashion and clothes, so take my advice and start small. Only buy what you LOVE, and LOVE wearing what you buy!

Wear what you love...and you will love what you wear!