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One of my favorite things about being a stylist and a blogger is being able to have the latest insight on not only fashion and trends, but where to buy and who has the best deals. I am a high low shopper, meaning I like to buy my investments pieces that are usually a higher price point, and buy on a lower price the trendier items that I might not keep in my wardrobe as long.

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Friyay Favs!

Ok all it’s Friday! My favorite day of the week and the day that I get to share a few of my favs with you! These are items I have in my home for one reason or another and I just love them. And I always want to share things that I love, and please feel free to do the same with me! Message me back with any of your favorite items that you use and love on a daily basis and we will keep the ideas coming!

LAFCO diffuser-

I am a huge believer in diffusers in my house! I have a few reasons why these scented miracles are needed - first off we live in a house that was built in the 1960’s so it can tend to have a bit of a musty smell from time to time. We have totally renovated it but it’s in the bones. So, I really don’t want friends coming in and smelling a stale smell! My second very important reason for this yummy diffuser is because I live in less than 2,000 square feet with two boys, two boys who eat -ALL the time!! No need to exaggerate. Now, this particular diffuser is on the pricier side, but it’s worth every penny. The LAFCO has lasted longer than any other diffuser I have ever purchased and it smells up the room consistently. I will save up an grab this once a year hands down, plus it’s so pretty to look at!

My Makeup Eraser!

A friend gifted me this a few birthdays back and she is my beauty guru gal. You know those friends who are always in Sephora and know exactly what to buy - well this is my favorite way to take off my make up overnight. It’s much softer than a wash cloth and does the trick! I can wash it with my towel load when needed and it’s like brand new! Yes for clean skin!!

The Chanel Coffee Table Book-

I am a huge fan of coffee table books! I love how chic and classic they look on display, and nothing says chic and classic like Chanel! I don’t wear Chanel except for my mascara, but I have a true appreciation for style and fashion. This one is such a great price too for a hard back and the size is just perfect for any coffee table! Score!!

Marble and Gold Tray-

This tray is so much fun that I tend to move it from room to room depending on what I need. It is the perfect addition to any decor space and just adds the right amount of texture and clean lines to my tables. I have used it in my bathroom to display perfumes and on my bar cart with my wine and a few glasses. The price you can’t beat eiher because the quality was way better than what I expected. Sometimes home decor type items are a hit or miss for me but this was a home run! (other recent home decor items).

We are excited to have some family time this weekend and plan on hitting up the zoo and watching Dax play football! Hope you all have an amazing weekend and that you know how grateful I am for each of you!



The Front Button Denim

I never ever thought I would be a fan of the front button denim look. I am short waisted and well… short! I remember the stiff levi look from the 90’s and I just thought, here we go again! As a stylist, I see trends come and go. I usually have a pretty tight grip on what will last awhile and what is a seasonal phase, but sometimes you’re surprised by what you don’t except :-). I love to invest in pieces that I can wear again and again! Anytime I spend more than I normally would on an item I want to not only love it but kinda live in it - ya know? I stumbled on my pair when I was visiting one of my retail friends who convinced me to try them on. She used the phrase that I use on a daily basis with my clients, “trust me”, was all she said. I mean you can’t say no after that right? I fell in love as soon as I looked in the dressing room mirror! The denim was so soft and had the comfiest stretch I have had on in a while, and the front buttons were actually elongating to my frame! Yes I found a comfy jean that is also incredibly flattering. These are not inexpensive jeans, so I don’t take spending money on them lightly - but again I firmly believe in investing in the right items for the wardrobe. You can never go wrong with an updated denim! The frayed ankle is one of my favorite details on the jean as well. It has just enough personality and yet I can wear heels, booties, flats, and sneakers! (any of my “Go-to” Fall Shoes) I can never argue with jeans that make my shoe game strong and that don’t confuse me on which shoe to wear with them!

Here are several ways that I have made looks with my new favorite jeans! Whether I have on sneakers or heels I feel current and ready to work!



My Friday Favs

It’s Friday and it’s time to dish on some of my favorite things! These are items that I love and use frequently and want to share in case you are in need of something amazing in your life!

Slip Silk Pillowcase-

I love my sleep, I mean I am crazy about pulling the covers up, taking that deep breath, and resting. I can remember even when I was little loving my bed and loving to sleep. I have a bit of a routine when it comes to bedtime. Case gets a kick out of my silk pillow case, eye mask, and lavender linen spray. Its all just part of the relaxation for me. I stumbled on this pillowcase from a magazine article and then found out my mom had one! I love the the feel, so luxurious, and they are great for your skin! No more random face dents in the morning on my skin!

Alo Top-

This athlesuire brand is amazing! I found my first piece of Alo clothing when Case and I took the kids to New York one December. We got lost in central park and when we came out and needed to warm up and grab an uber we walked into the Alo store! We were there long enough warming up I looked around and found the coziest top that I now wear every week. It is my go to layer for the gym and running errands! It is the perfect weight and long enough to cover my tushie in the back!

Ultra Boost Adidas-

Case is my athletic shoe guru. I want him to pick out anything I need for working out from now until forever. He snagged me this pair when it was time to replace my old gym sneakers and they are crazy comfortable. I love the way they look on and I feel like I know a thing or two about cool sneaks as well! I give him all the credit because I never know with gym shoes what will make a difference, and these will be hard to replace! Super comfy and stylish!

Present Over Perfect-

A good friend gave me this book a few months back and it has been a huge game changer for me. I am a hustler and a list maker. No one can make a to do list as long as mine and sadly when I think back on it, the lists have created more stress than help. Believe me, I love getting things done, but not adding so much on my plate that I can’t enjoy my life. This book has given me the punch in the gut I needed to slow down and say NO to more so that I can have some real YES moments with the people I love the most. I am choosing to be present in my life instead of perfect and feeling so much gratitude in the process. And, that is exactly what this is - a process. I by no means have life figured out, but I am learning to slow down and truly soak in the moments and the memories.

Hope you each have the best weekend that is full of all of the things that you love, in the meantime….those are a few of mine.



My Fall "Go-To" Shoes

I’m a shoe girl. I have loved shoes literally for as long as I can remember. I was crazy for the “jellies”, my mom could hardly get them off of me. I just remember loving the way they looked on my feet, the sweet, plastic smell of them, and the way they made me feel. That’s what good shoes will do for you. They make you feel ready for the day, outfit complete, mission accomplished! I no longer wear shoes that reek of plastic, but I do have shoes that I find myself grabbing over and over again because they just work. That’s how the shoe selection in your closet should be - shoes that work, that are useful, and make sense in the wardrobe. So here are my Fall “Go-To” shoes!

The Sneaker

- I have been waiting for an excuse to snag these amazing sneakers! I splurged and asked for this pair for my anniversary! I know they are crazy expensive but I had tried them on several times, knew they were comfy, and also knew they would fit right into my wardrobe. I broke these in on my recent trip to New York and they were perfect. I wore them back with my jeans and dresses-comfy and street smart!

the best slippers for fall.jpg

The Slipper- Hello Birdies Slippers!

This company has made an amazing shoe that is a slipper and a shoe that you can wear out as well! I love the comfort of my Birdies and I really love the pom pom in the blush color. I’m all about wearing a flat that has some style! Back with skinny jeans or a simple shirt dress and you're good to go!

The Mule

- Everyone needs a mule in their closet! The simple and chic look of this black suede mule reminds me of an Aubrey Hepburn throw back look. Just enough vintage style to be classic and yet so very wearable. Every time I have these on someone makes a comment and they are a great price point! Lots of denim looks and cute tops have been been my go to with these stylish kitten heels.

The Killer Heel

- This shoe was on my wish list for a very long time! I saved many gift cards for these and loved them so much more than I even thought I would. Some fancy shoes are just fun to wear and I admit that I feel special in them! What is important to know with a shoe like this is to wear them and not save them!! You will get much more joy from something you have invested in when you can use it and not just admire it. These are my sassy work shoes, my date night shoes, my girls night out shoes, and just about anything I want to wear them for.

So whether you are a self proclaimed shoe girl like me, or you just want to make a purchase that will work in your wardrobe - I’m sure that one of these will do the trick!

Oh, and a huge thanks to Case for putting up with my love affair with shoes!


Riane in Love with Sweater Weather

The rain does many things for us here in Texas, especially when the month of September begins. The weather finally begins to cool off (at times) and it gets us in the mood for cooler weather, pumpkins, fall colors... and sweaters! I'm in love with sweater weather once again! Our fall season is such a fun time to start getting ready for layers and cozy knits! It may not be cool just yet but it's right around the corner! I love solid colored sweaters that I can wear with just about any denim jean, and a pair of booties! Getting dressed in the mornings can be hard enough and when it is colder outside and I hate taking off my robe! That’s why I love having things already hanging in my closet when I need them, things I know I love and that fit! in love with sweater weather.jpg

Fall Colors:

I gravitate towards more fall-ish colors when the season start to change. I love the rose and cooper tones I found in these sweaters that are both under $100! I will start wearing my knits earlier because I hate being cold and it seems like the movie theatres and restaurants really blow the AC on high! Who doesn’t want to be cozy in the movies?! 

Plan Ahead: 

I know not everyone wants to buy sweaters until it is cold, but I for one like to know that I had time to pick what I really like and didn’t buy in a hurry. I also like to spread out my spending throughout the season and not spend it all at once! 

The Casual Look:

I am loving the look of my sweaters paired back with sneakers too! I am so thankful that sneakers are in full effect and on trend for the fall! As much as I love a good bootie to add height to my body frame, I also love a flat comfy shoe for the days when I am juggling kids and life begs for a comfy shoe!

Loving Fall: The Weather, Food and Sweaters!

I am convinced that buying a few things I need ahead of time saves me money and so much time. Instead of waiting until the season is in full swing and spending more than I normally would, I love feeling ready and excited about cooler temps, pumpkin bread, and my sweaters!!



4 Friday Favs

Hey all! I wanted to start something new as a way to share with you some of my favorite things that I have been using on a regular basis or maybe something new that I have just discovered! I am in no way the expert like Oprah, but I am out and about enough to find special things that are always fun to give a shout out to. I love it whenever people share their go-to products or fashion finds! So here are just a few, a few of my Friday favs!

1. My Debbie front button jeans from Veronica Beard-

I live in my denim. I wear denim jeans at least 4 days a week. With my job I want a jean that is comfy and has a nice stretch because I move around a ton when I’m working. This jean is also a high rise which I am crazy over, I love nothing more than jeans that hold everything in place! The front button design is a trend you will see this fall, and I think it's always better to be in the front of a fresh look then behind it! I was so pleased with how slimming this particular pair were on the body as well! Now, I just have to stop wearing them so much! This jean is definitely an investment and 100% worth it if you wear jeans frequently. 

2. My Devotional Book-Gracelaced by Ruth Chou Simons-

I have been way more consistent with taking some time for myself either in the mornings or evenings to sit and have time with the Lord. It is amazing how having moments that are intentional provide me the things that I am able to take away that I desperately need. This book was given to me by a dear friend, and the pages are so beautifully written and illustrated. The chapters are also shorter and it allows me to always complete one, making my Type A personality happy as well. 

3. My White Lion White Ambrosia hot tea-

When I have already had my coffee intake for the day I usually have a cup of hot tea at night. I discovered this amazing tea when I was at a spa. They have the best tea at spas and I always forget to ask where it is from! Arghh. Well I remembered this time and this is my all time favorite tea. As in the kind I don’t share because it is that good. I am able to order it an Amazon and so that has made it super easy to get my own spa like experience at home! Now if i can only get Case to massage my feet I’d be in business!

4. My Laura Mercier Creme Brûlée Souffle Body Creme -

This body creme, "omg" - I can't decide if I want to eat it or put it on my body. It smells like heaven. I am a huge believer in moisturizing after I bathe or shower. My momma insisted that I put lotion on growing up and I am so glad. She set the stage for me on taking care of myself. This body creme is a treat and the jar lasts forever. 

Now I am in full Friday mode over here and I hope you are too! Enjoy your weekend you guys!!



Sharing My Love of Fashion with My Daughter!

This is not a saying I use lightly. My daughter and I are in a constant battle of who's in charge for the time being. She is so much like me that it drives me crazy more often than not. Thats when it hit me… it's because she is so much like me. She loves clothes, fashion, she has an eye for detail. She likes to pick out what she's going to wear the day before and lay it out. She loves seeing what clothes I am setting up for shoots for my blog, and so... I decided to begin including her as part of it - to use it as a tool to affirm and encourage appropriate choices in fashion and the clothes she wears. Instead of just spending time alone working, let her be a part of it. So now I'm sharing my love of fashion with my daughter and she loves getting to be right in the middle of it all.

pink dresses.jpg

I see the struggle that moms’ and daughters have over clothes and it is real and it is messy. Believe me Tanner and I have small battles over this whole, “I can’t tell if she has shorts on because her top is so big its questionable!” Why is this a thing right now!? I know I need to choose my battles, and I am getting better about that, but I’ve learned that if I make her part of the process, she is happy to dive in with me and we don't have near the struggle.

hippop 1.jpg

Here is how I go about shopping for her. I look for things that resemble outfits that I would wear, but that are age appropriate for her. I don’t take her shopping because that is way too much of the, “stop asking me for random things you don’t need conversation.” Instead I order her several options online and have her pick what she wants to shoot pictures with me in. This allows her to have control over what she is wearing without it feeling like ‘my mom picks out my clothes’. Some preteens might not care, mine does. Now, if she has a great attitude about it all, then she gets to keep one thing from our shoot, whatever her favorite item was… it's now hers. This has worked like a charm and she truly loves seeing the end results and I love praising her on her choices and modesty. This has made it so much more about what she can wear as opposed to what she can’t wear. It also breaks up my budget from spending a lot at once - we build her a wardrobe over time that she really likes and wears. 

riane and tanner walking downtown 2.jpg

My favorite part of this new approach is that it gives me time back with her. My mom guilt is real and real big most of the time. I don’t want to miss a moment and as a working mom, that happens so much more than I would like. I also love the memories and pictures we have to look back on. So: 1. there is hope! 2. I've found a better way than just "going shopping". 3. You don't need a blog to help funnel the choices - find creative ways to make it more about what she can wear and not what she can't - and see if that reduces the battles and stress as our little girls become young women :-). 



At Home with eBay!

What is it about home decor that just makes me want to spend all of my money? I feel like anytime I start to try and update or add to one room, suddenly the entire house needs some freshening up! I want my house to look put together, but I also don’t actually want to spend a fortune. Let me just tell you how much fun I had shopping online at eBay’s End of Season Sale!!  I currently have my feet up on my new off-white leather ottoman, and I’m just a little over the moon for it. I love to scout ideas, fold things down in the magazines I can’t afford, and get ideas on what I love and make it happen for less, way less. Case and I have put some work into our home. It is a 1962 ranch style renovation and we love it. We have had to do our own updates bits at a time and now we are making the details of home decor come to life.

At Home with eBay Deals.jpg

The Bar Cart - I now suddenly want to host friends and family because I feel “oh so important" with my chic bar cart. However the only visitors I have had are my 2 kids who in fact love it and think it is their personal snack cart. Everyday I walk by someone who has taken one of the drinks off and declared it their “fancy drink” time. (only the non-alcoholic ones!! lol) It's definitely a family favorite and I love that they are enjoying the update as well! I’m really enjoying the look of hosting and setting out pretty drinks. It just makes it feel homey somehow.

The Basket for ALL of the throws - We are a blanket family, for sure. My kids usually want two a piece, although I have no idea why when one gets the job done! What this ensures is that my couch is covered in throws and now you can’t see all 20 of my decorative pillows:) I love this basket I found on eBay and it was again an amazing price. Such an easy way to store my throws until my little wild ones grab them to snuggle! I like storage that is pretty to look at too, and this basket was made to go right where it is!

The Storage Bench - When you have an older home, most of the time storage can be tricky. I hate having things scattered about because I don’t like messes, but I do want my kids to have plenty of things to entertain themselves. This storage bench has been a dream for my obsessive need to pick up all the things. Inside it are my kids board games, puzzles, and small crafts. It all looks neat and tidy, plus current and fresh. They know exactly where to put up the fun when it’s time to clean up and I couldn’t be happier with the quality. Again, I have seen this exact bench while out and about “idea shopping”, and it was much more expensive.

end of season eBay sale.jpg

The Leather Ottoman - I have my “work chair”, which is just my chair that I like to sit in when I write blogs or work online and it needed something in front of it. This was another fun item I didn’t necessarily need but I really wanted “the look”. I couldn't justify over spending on something for my feet to rest on, and also something that my husband refers to as a leather “plop”. I am over the moon with eBay and this find during the End of Season Sale! This was definitely worth waiting on because again, it was the exact quality that I wanted for half the price!

leather ottoman.jpg

The Bathtub Tray - Oh, I am a tub girl! I hate that I don’t take them as much as I would like,  but I make sure and relax in the bathtub at least once a week. I had an older tray that was rusting and needed to go, so when I was searching on eBay I naturally had to snag this during the sale! This particular one had all the little details I was looking for - a wine glass holder, a book & iPad tray, room for a candle, and a place to set my body wash. And I love how this cedar contrasts in my white bathroom!

Just purchasing these few sale items has made such a difference in my decor and overall feel in different parts of my house. I love a bargain, but not at the risk of buying something I will have to replace in a few months time. My eBay home shopping experience was truly a home run. Everything came in perfect condition, and all within a week from my order time! Now, what can I convince Case to let me work on next, and better yet, how can I keep my bar cart stocked with my kids around!?



This blog has been sponsored by eBay, all thoughts and opinions are my own. 

Everything Is Grand at the Grand Hotel!

Riane and I have now been married for 16 years… When we met, we were 19 and came from completely different worlds. ie. When we graduated high school (from different schools in different towns - we did not meet till college) - Riane went to Europe for 2 1/2 weeks. I went to work at CIG with my dad. Riane had been to Hawaii, Africa, and Europe. I had been to Possum Kingdom Lake…100 x’s. I had never been on a plane until Riane and I started dating and needless to say, I’ve gone from “Texas forever” to “where are we going this year?”. We always have fun finding new places and experiencing new things and boy did we find a gem this time! The last 3 years have been really good, but long, very busy and just like everyone else - we work A LOT… So, heading back to Italy this summer for a work/anniversary trip not only felt like a much needed break from the “non-stop”, but it was one of the most beautiful trips we’ve taken. Lake Como is incredible. The views, the food, the atmosphere, it is a “must do” trip and is on our “do again” list.

1 - Grand Hotel Tremezzo  view.jpg

When in Lake Como, you have what seems like an unlimited amount of choices when it comes to where to stay. The great thing is - regardless of where you stay, you can hop from town to town on the ferries and experience all you want. So - this week begins our ‘Tour of Lake Como’ and we are starting with our favorite spot in the entire area. 

Grand Hotel Tremezzo.jpg

Grand Hotel Tremezzo - note: we did not stay here, but we did hit the spa, the pool, the restaurants, gym, sauna, and the fancy candy bar! From Bellagio (where we stayed for the week) we took the ferry straight to Tremezzo and took the short 5 min. walk from the ferry to Grand Hotel Tremezzo. Quick history - The Grand is the oldest hotel in Lake Como and begin such was the first hotel on the Lake. It is amazing. Here’s the thing with The Grand - even if you are not staying there, you are welcome to hit up the Spa or eat at any of their restaurants during your stay in Lake Como - which you without a doubt should! I’m going to give you my 3 top highlights from our time there. 

1. The Hammam treatment: Let me say this… THIS WAS THE GREATEST SPA EXPERIENCE I’VE EVER HAD! If you are an American - this is going to stretch your comfort level a little, simply because we don’t have things like this in the states. (which is good: you don’t go to Europe to get what you can get here…) I’ll nut shell the concept for you: 1- Circle room made completely of marble floor to ceiling with a marble table in the middle. (see picture above) 2- It’s a private couples treatment - so it’s super intimate and very comfortable. 3- Basically a full body scrub down + a message at the same time followed by a sauna/cold shower/hot tub experience. Again, this was the best spa experience I’ve ever had hands down. I left feeling 100% relaxed, clean and I’m sure there’s another word I’m looking for I just can’t find it… If you are even remotely close to Lake Como in the future - this is the one thing I would say you have to try. 

The Best Pizza In Itay.jpg

2. T Pizza at the pool: When we are in Italy we eat a lot of pizza. Like, a lot of pizza. Which means, I’ve tried multiple places and I feel like I’m a pretty good judge of whether or not you should continue eating slices or refrain and save the room for Gelato. You will not be saving room with the Veggie at T Pizza by the pool - we mowed that thing down and could have gone another round. It was D-lecious. Riane and I shared the ‘Think Green’ smoothie and the ‘Lombarda’ Pizza - The best pizza I’ve ever put in my mouth. I took my first bite, looked at Riane and said, “This is the the best pizza I’ve ever tasted.” (no joke, no paid ad here… it really was the best pizza ever) The view was incredible sitting pool side next to a garden and the oldest hotel in Lake Como, the staff was amazing, and it was a perfect way to relax for an afternoon. 

T Beach Desert .jpg

3. Relaxing pool side (the floating pool) with drinks, snacks, and lunch at T Beach. The Grand has a floating pool on the lake with a beach lounge and bar/restaurant. We laid out, had drinks and grabbed lunch and dessert one afternoon. I had my first seafood burger and Riane had pasta once again. Shoutout to our friend @the_greatgreta who made our dining/layout/desert/drinks experience so much fun! Was a great way to celebrate 16 years of insanity together :-).   

There are 5 restaurants, 2 pools, a spa, A 3 STORY GYM (coolest hotel gym I’ve workout out in…) - it’s great for couples or families (they have accommodations for large parties or families as well) - and even if you don’t stay in Tremezzo you can still use all the hotel facilities if you book a spa experience. So if you are in Lake Como, planning a trip or considering a trip… Stay at The Grand Hotel Tremezzo, or at least book a spa treatment, and spend some time at one of the coolest places in Lake Como! 

sharing the love as we travel the world - 

@stello_fello & Riane