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Case and I love to Travel! - and to share our experiences with you. Anytime we go somewhere we blog about what "to-do", where to stay, where to eat and any tips and tricks we discover along the way. 


I am crazy about our little home - we did a 1960's full remodel and love continually updating and renovating. I love our cozy ranch style to be simple, chic and functional - as our home is our haven; but is also our place to bring friends and family. 


  I am a Dallas based stylist and I love helping others feel confident in what they wear. Whether working with a client or sharing my tips on insta - fashion and people have always been what keeps me on the go!


 I have 2 kids - and Case and I have so much fun together with them. We've been on an epic family journey that continues to take us to new places, meet new people and have all kinds of amazing adventures along the way...but at the end of the day the thing that matters most to me is our family. 


It is such a privilege to work with brands I love - and in doing so sharing with my readers along the way great finds, sales, & my favorite products I'm using and discovering daily!


I blog weekly about fashion, family, home or a seasonal trend as well as giving you my Friday Fav's for the week. You can find updates on sales, seasonal transitions, "must-haves" and go-to's. Subscribe to the blog and never miss a post - I tell all my clients, "Buy what you love and you will love what you wear." I practice the same in what I choose to share with you as we take the fashion journey each day into our closets!  


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Case and I love to travel! It is something we are both passionate about. We decided early in our marriage that we were going to fight to make time for each other and to build into our relationship while we raised our kids… So, we take at least one big trip and one small trip together each year, and then we take the kids on a Fall/Winter and Summer trips as well. We love to find new adventures, great food, and any kind of fun we can have. We are trying to raise our kids to appreciate experiences more than things and to cherish memories over money. I always share our trips - what we've seen, done, learned - what to do and what not to do... Great tips and tricks, etc...  

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Ok - so Case and I don't have a picket fence or a dog, but we do have 2 crazy kids, a sweet little house in Grapevine,Texas, and we love our life! Running a business together, raising kids, and surviving marriage isn't always easy - but it's so fulfilling and I wouldn't want to do this with anyone else! 

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- These words describe my perfect home. Case and I love open space, neutral tones and a place we can all be together. Home is the place we retreat to as a family to laugh and connect and rest. Our kids love being in the same space we are in - and we truly want to make a home that we can all enjoy-cozy and chic!

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