Forever Denim

Forever denim...It is so comforting to know that as trends come and go...and confuse us, there is one thing that will never go out of style…denim. Denim is something we can all relate to because we all need it. Whether we live in denim everyday or just pull out a pair on the weekends, we must have a pair that works! I want to give you a peek into a few of my current favorite denim jeans that have been fitting into my clients wardrobes deliciously. I work with ALL body types and the great thing about denim nowadays is that they are no longer stiff and make your legs go numb if they are too tight. (or was that just me?)

Paige Denim

(“Transcend-Hoxton” High Rise Straight Leg Jeans in Black Shadow $179)

  • This is the perfect “date night” jean. I love wearing black denim in the evening because it feels a bit dressier to me than blue denim. Black is also naturally slimming, so that is an instant self esteem booster!! For added fabulousness pair the straight leg jean with a black pointed toe heel that will elongate the frame of the body giving you an instant lift. These jeans are also high waisted, which is the fancy way of saying you will spare the general public your, for lack of a better word, crack, when you bend over to pick up your handbag. Nothing kills a date night vibe like an exposed rear. 

Jen 7

(Stretch Slim Bootcut Jeans Blue $195)

  • For my curvier ladies out there I have recently discovered this amazing brand that fits the body without giving up the style. Many times rather than finding a jean that works we often walk away with a purchase we are less than pleased with, and it then sits in the closet never being worn. Jen 7 will help prevent that as it provides a combination of stretch and trend that makes sense and is easy to wear. The bootcut style is making a come back and looks amazing with heels. The dark denim shade is also a color that is extremely flattering on the leg.

Hudson jeans

(“Finn” Boyfriend Skinny Jean Convoy $220)

  • Ok, its official, I am obsessed with ripped denim this season. If you follow me on instagram or have checked out the site you can see I'm not shy about wearing them, a lot. I have clients ask me, “ Am i too old to wear ripped denim?”. My answer depends on the body type, lifestyle, and personality of the client. Some denim are ripped more than others. I find that the highly distressed and ripped denim look more age appropriate on the under 30 crowd. However, that doesn't mean you can't wear them if you are over 30!!! Hear me out, wear them, own them, just invest in a pair that you won't step through and crush your kid in the process.

Now as I wrap this up, i will use the word invest again. I am a firm believer in investing in denim. Denim is a foundational piece in the wardrobe and should be purchased with the same mindset as when purchasing a nice piece of furniture for your home. Don't get me wrong I love Target, LOVE it!, but I don't want to have to purchase a new pair every season. I do however love sales, and I appreciate saving dollars as much as the next person, but my denim is not the place I choose to skimp on. All three of these jeans featured are from Nordstrom where the customer service and selection are phenomenal making it my very very favorite department store. That being said, you can always find denim on sale online!! Once you narrow down a brand and fit that you love, search and compare prices. They will also price match anything you find for cheaper at another store if they too carry it! Yay for Nordy!!  

Now go out and find this staple wardrobe piece that works best for you. 

Wear what you love...and you will love what you wear!