In Love With NSale Booties!

Like I mentioned in my first Nordstrom Anniversary Sale blog… Fall is going to be all about booties! Booties are one of my favorite kind of shoe to wear. They allow you to be current and comfortable at the same time, and we all know that can be a rare occurrence! Whether you’re looking for a little heel, or something a bit flatter, it’s all here for you at 40% off (I bet you understand my excitement now)! 

These are some of my favorite picks from the sale! One brand I’m super excited about being on sale is Stuart Weitzman. I mean come on, these tall scrunch boots are fabulous and will be a staple in your fall/winter wardrobe. Their other black leather booties (number 1) are so comfortable, with a perfectly sized, very chic heel. It's hard to find a discount this good anywhere else on quality brands such as SW!

On another note, I’m all about stocking up on the neutrals. When you add a neutral colored pair of booties to your wardrobe, you’ll be able to wear them with almost anything - saving you time, money, and effort. Black and tan are my go-to’s, but you can spice it up with leopard print too, which also counts as a great neutral! 

Shop ASAP because these favorites are selling out fast! Remember, Nordstrom card holders can shop now. If you do not have a card, you can start shopping tomorrow, July 20th. Don’t wait any longer than you have to!  



Nordstrom Anniversary Sale

It’s the most wonderful time of the year! I mean what’s more wonderful than 40% off everything? The Nordstrom Anniversary Sale is the sale you do not want to miss. It’s so much better than any other sale because you’re getting brand new (and even some exclusive/limited time) merchandise for jaw dropping prices. Hello fall wardrobe!

nordstrom sale.jpg

This is the time to get stocked up and add some classic, staple pieces that you won’t regret buying. Here's the thing... Nordstrom Credit Card and Debit Card Holders get early access July 12th! The Anniversary sale goes public on the 20th. If you are not a card holder, but would like to be: click here to apply (literarily worth it just for the sale access alone) - these are not last seasons items. Sales items are NEW! - for this season and the best time to buy hands down. I am so excited to share some of my top picks from the sale including denim, tops, athletic wear, and shoes! Since the sale isn't open yet, I can't show you my top picks (but I will update this blog in the wee hours of the 12th ;-). So, this is the pre-sale tip guide, that will later be updated to be the Nord Ann 18' Sale Guide. 

- What to Buy?


Number one must buy: denim! Your favorite jeans can be a bit pricey outside of the sale, so this is the best time to get a quality pair. Even if you don’t need them now, you will wear the heck out of them later! Don’t miss the opportunity to get the biggest bang for your buck! I always say to invest in denim. 2 or 3 high quality pairs of jeans will work wonders for your wardrobe and as stated before, this is the best time to get a pair significantly cheaper than normal. 

New Tops:

Who doesn’t want new tops to spice up their wardrobe?! New tops are the first thing we go to when we want a change. It’s so easy to pair the same bottoms with 10 different tops, which is the best way to make your wardrobe last. Stock up on basic, solid tees as well as statement tops while the sale lasts!

Workout Wear:

Working out is everyone’s favorite thing to do right?! Maybe in another life! Well you won’t feel guilty about buying athletic wear from the sale even if you only make it to the gym a couple of times. Let’s face it, half the time we still wear athletic clothes when we have no intention of working out! This is a part of the sale you definitely don’t want to miss because these pieces last year-round.


You don’t have to say shoe sale twice! Trust me, 40% off just released designer shoes, doesn't get much better than that. This fall is going to be all about booties, booties, and booties! I’m in love with some of these from the sale and I know you will be too. This is my favorite part because nothing wins my heart more than a sassy pair of booties or heels!

Anniversary sale quick TIPS:

- Be prepared:

Take some time to go through your closet and make a list of things to replace or that you know you need. It will help you make smart decisions if you have an idea of what you want before hand! For example, I will be looking for layering pieces, booties, transitional tops, and fresh denim. (I also always buy my kids shoes and something fun for the hubs.) If you are really ready to save some serious money: jot down who you buy for at Christmas and knock some of that out early as well!

- Don't hesitate:

If you are a shopper who likes to add things to your cart and think about them for a while, this is NOT the time to do so. Chances will lose all of those items. Nordstrom offers only a small quantity of each item and once it's sold out...well it's sold out. I tend to over-buy so that I have choices and simply return the extra items I don't need. Nordstrom is well known for customer service and their return policy, so don't overthink things you like and snag them before it's too late!

- Shop early:

Early access begins July 12th for Nordstrom cc holders. You can apply for a credit or debit card here. Again, hot items sell out fairly quickly so the earlier you shop the better! Seriously I can not stress that point enough :-). The sale opens to the public beginning July 20th.