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We love to see new places- meet new people- and do all the new things.... 


There is so much history, beauty, and fun to be had in Prague! We spent 3 nights on the old town square - listening to the sounds of parties at night at our window, walking thru the streets with the years of ware on the cobblestone roads and the buildings - we had such a blast sightseeing, hiking, and our fun little trip to the orchastra - Prague is loaded with food, fun and history! 

Grand Hotel Tremezzo

Riane and I have now been married for 16 years… When we met, we were 19 and came from completely different worlds. ie. When we graduated high school (from different schools in different towns - we did not meet till college) - Riane went to Europe for 2 1/2 weeks. I went to work at CIG with my dad. Riane had been to Hawaii, Africa, and Europe. I had been to Possum Kingdom Lake…100 x’s. I had never been on a plane until Riane and I started dating and needless to say, I’ve gone from “Texas forever” to “where are we going this year?”. We always have fun finding new places and experiencing new things and boy did we find a gem this time! The last 3 years have been really good, but long, very busy and just like everyone else - we work A LOT… So, heading back to Italy this summer for a work/anniversary trip not only felt like a much needed break from the “non-stop”, but it was one of the most beautiful trips we’ve taken. Lake Como is incredible. The views, the food, the atmosphere, it is a “must do” trip and is on our “do again” list.

Paris feels like NY, except you can find a trash can and they speak better english. Our favorite breakfast place was in Paris by far. It was a nice little cafe right outside our hotel where you could get eggs, pastries, coffee or hot cocoa, and fresh squeezed grapefruit juice for 13 euro’s. The hot chocolate was pretty legit, they brought you hot milk and a block of chocolate to drop in your cup and melt to give you a rich chocolate taste. By far the best hot chocolate I’ve ever had. 

On to stop 3. We flew from Prague to Milan and then hopped on 2 trains on our way to Vernazza. This was my first actual train ride and I really enjoyed it. The trip from Milan to Vernazza was 3+ hours, so we had 1st class tickets that included a meal. Originally we were sitting across the isle from one another, but this sweet Australian couple had been split up, so we gave up one of our seats so they could sit together and I sat toward the back while Riane sat up with a group of Italians and by the time we were able to sit together 3 hours later she had become best friends with them like normal... One thing I truly love about Riane is her love for people and how quickly she can connect with others. (It's part of what makes her so good at what she does...)