I have always loved fashion - from working retail in high school and college to starting my own business as a stylist in my early 20's - Fashion has always played a major role in my life. Every season I work with hundreds of women helping them love what they wear and it is such a joy to get to know people on an individual level and watch as they truly embrace their own style.

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Hats for Fall…Hats for All!

Texas has some insane and crazy weather, but lately it has been on another level! We have had more rain then I remember in a long time, and it was in the high 80’s last week-now it is currently 46 degrees! It can be hard to have good hair days with all the rain and yuck, so I love to have a few go to hats handy on the days when I know my hair is not going to look it’s best. in love with sweater weather

The rain does many things for us here in Texas, especially when the month of September begins. The weather finally begins to cool off (at times) and it gets us in the mood for cooler weather, pumpkins, fall colors... and sweaters! I'm in love with sweater weather once again! Our fall season is such a fun time to start getting ready for layers and cozy knits! It may not be cool just yet but it's right around the corner! I love solid colored sweaters that I can wear with just about any denim jean, and a pair of booties! Getting dressed in the mornings can be hard enough and when it is colder outside and I hate taking off my robe! That’s why I love having things already hanging in my closet when I need them, things I know I love and that fit!

Animal Print Wrap Dress

Its officially Fall in my world - any time in Texas the temps dip under 80 degrees… it’s time! Every season brings with it different trends and tips on what is new, what we must be wearing, and what we can’t live without! Some trends have been around so long they are no longer considered trends, and they are now just staples that every woman needs in her closet!

3 Fav Dress Styles all under $100

When I say summer in Texas, I think of how excited I am to wear my jeans… Absolutely not! This is the time of year to stock up on dresses because they are comfy, airy, and the most fabulous thing to wear in the heat. You will get your use out of them for sure! Although I love having dresses that make a statement, they tend to not get worn as much as the basic, more casual ones. Many of these can be dressed up with heels or wedges, or dressed down with sneakers or sandals. Take a look at 3 of my favorite styles of dresses for the summer!

Summer It bag

I love handbags and I love when the seasons change and you get to totally switch gears and dive into summer styles. Whether it is a basket purse, a blush cross body , or this amazing bamboo bag, summer handbags are fun!

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