I love working with brands that I use and have a relationship with. I think having authenticity within the blogging world is vital. As a stylist I never put a client in an outfit I am not proud of and as an influencer I only collaborate with brands that I truly believe in.


Stuart Weiztman

Listen ladies, if there is one thing that I recommend takes priority in your wardrobe… it’s your shoes. There is something so unique about getting a fresh pair of high quality, classic shoes - and Stuart Weitzman gives you just that. I absolutely LOVE Stuart Weitzman shoes!… LOVE! They are feminine, comfy, current… and they last! Which means I don’t have to replace a pair every season. When I make investments in my wardrobe, I want things I know that I am going to use for years not months. This is the perfect opportunity to do just that - I cannot stress enough, this is the Summer shoe sale that you absolutely DO NOT WANT TO MISS! Seriously, up to 50% off one of the top shoe brands today that will not disappoint with their product and their customer care. 



What is it about home decor that just makes me want to spend all of my money? I feel like anytime I start to try and update or add to one room, suddenly the entire house needs some freshening up! I want my house to look put together, but I also don’t actually want to spend a fortune. Let me just tell you how much fun I had shopping online at eBay’s End of Season Sale!!  I currently have my feet up on my new off-white leather ottoman, and I’m just a little over the moon for it. I love to scout ideas, fold things down in the magazines I can’t afford, and get ideas on what I love and make it happen for less, way less. Case and I have put some work into our home. It is a 1962 ranch style renovation and we love it. We have had to do our own updates bits at a time and now we are making the details of home decor come to life.



I remember each August getting so excited to go ‘back to school’ shopping. Getting clean new binders, pencil boxes and bags, that fresh box of crayons, the scent of those new shoes just out of the box – these are some of the happiest memories of my childhood. The point is this: whether your kids love or don’t love school…I’m willing to bet they love ‘back to school’ shopping - simply because they get all their new gear for the year. ;-) Our kids get so excited about this, which is timely because it helps offset those end-of-the-summer blues. Now is the time to jump on the shopping list and knock out all those “to gets”. Walmart has some great deals on some of the best items your kids are going to need. 


Springtime Refresh with Salvation Army

Springtime is such an energizing season! The weather is finally starting to warm up, flowers are blooming, and it is the perfect time to declutter and reorganize so much of the crazy that has built up over the last several months. There is no better feeling than minimizing the wardrobe and purging the closet!