Back to School with Walmart!

I remember each August getting so excited to go ‘back to school’ shopping. Getting clean new binders, pencil boxes and bags, that fresh box of crayons, the scent of those new shoes just out of the box – these are some of the happiest memories of my childhood. The point is this: whether your kids love or don’t love school…I’m willing to bet they love ‘back to school’ shopping - simply because they get all their new gear for the year. ;-) Our kids get so excited about this, which is timely because it helps offset those end-of-the-summer blues. Now is the time to jump on the shopping list and knock out all those “to gets”. Walmart has some great deals on some of the best items your kids are going to need. 

Walmart is now carrying school uniforms too! Our kids go to private school, which means that we get to buy new clothes for the new season but we also get to buy school uniforms on top of that. When we do, we want to buy quality uniforms but we don’t want them to break the bank. Walmart gives us great options that the kids really like and are well-made and affordable! Tanner opened her skirt and said, “I love it!”. - The point is, you can grab what you need for a very affordable price.  These are great options for any of you who buy uniforms as well. We picked up this great skirt for Tanner as well as some shorts and pants for Dax. Walmart gives you multiple styles and colors that fit inside the uniform codes. It’s worth it to check out these Walmart options!

I can’t tell you how many times Tanner said, “Mom, I need a new backpack!” last year. And, surprise, as we made our lists for the kids, both needed new backpacks. Not only does Walmart have all you need for uniforms and school supplies, but they also carry name brand backpacks!  These are both Hershel backpacks, which our family loves. Hershel makes a high quality, sturdy, and very affordable bag in multiple color and styles.

So as your summer winds down, squeeze in your last trips and get in that last ounce of vitamin D by the pool. Let Walmart be your go-to for checking all the items off your kids’ back-to-school list. Shop Walmart online - extremely easy to navigate and you can find literally everything you need to save you time.  And don’t forget Walmart offers free 2-day shipping on all orders $35 or more!