Why Trench Coats Are Amazing

Leith Shirttail Trench Coat

We have seen the trench coat as the travel jacket, what we grab on a rainy day, and the Burberry one that we can’t splurge on just yet…But it is so much more!!

I am loving how there are so many light weight options that are completely affordable and look amazingly sharp on. Let me let you in on a little secret ladies…Trench Coats work magic. Why you ask? Because this jacket possess something that looks good on ALL body types…STRUCTURE! The collar on a trench creates a perfect framing affect around the face and neck. The slim lines and longer length will make the body appear slim and sleek. Now who doesn't want that?!

The list goes on and on with the many reasons that this layering piece will treat you right. Whether you are going to the office or out to dinner with friends, a trench coat looks good with just about anything. I love mixing mine back with jeans for a casual and sophisticated look, but I also know that if I need to get dressed up I can utilize it again! 

Now, when purchasing your new perfect wardrobe layer, yes your Trench Coat, I really advise that you go with a neutral tone. Stick with camel, taupe, beige, nude, navy, soft gray, or black. These colors will allow you the most versatility and the best bang for your buck! 

Happy Shopping!

P.S. The Trench that I am sporting in this blog is marked down to 40% off right now making it $52!!!!   

Keep loving what you wear!