The Summer Shoe Sale with Stuart Weitzman - YOU DO NOT WANT MISS!

Listen ladies, if there is one thing that I recommend takes priority in your wardrobe… it’s your shoes. There is something so unique about getting a fresh pair of high quality, classic shoes - and Stuart Weitzman gives you just that. I absolutely LOVE Stuart Weitzman shoes!… LOVE! They are feminine, comfy, current… and they last! Which means I don’t have to replace a pair every season. When I make investments in my wardrobe, I want things I know that I am going to use for years not months. This is the perfect opportunity to do just that - I cannot stress enough, this is the Summer shoe sale that you absolutely DO NOT WANT TO MISS! Seriously, up to 50% off one of the top shoe brands today that will not disappoint with their product and their customer care. 

Anytime you hear the words shoes and sale in the same sentence great things are about to happen! I honestly don’t know a woman who doesn’t appreciate a fabulous pair of shoes, but even better - a fabulous pair of shoes at a better price! Stuart Weitzman is not only one of my favorite brands, but has been killing it in the shoe industry for years…years people! However; some of us pass on this amazing brand because we either don’t spend that much on shoes or we buy multiple pairs of shoes at lower price points. I am a firm, no, HUGE believer in quality over quantity when it comes to my shoes. I find that when I invest more in my shoe wardrobe they last longer and are always more comfortable. 

This sale has removed the $ excuse for you…so no arguing here. This is the perfect time to score that pair of sandals you wanted for the summer, but you didn't want to pay full price for. Or you may have the thought what I did, “OMG I can snag a pair of Stuart Weitzman booties for this coming fall at 50% off!!!” What can I say… I like to be prepared. But seriously, I have purchased multiple pairs of shoes from Stuart Weitzman over the years, and I still have and wear them all!! 

With almost 200 sale items to choose from, yes I counted - there really is something for everyone! When I shop sales I always want to make myself shop smart. It helps when I ask myself these simple questions that generate some accountability. 

For example: 

  1. “Will I still love this style in a year?” 
  2. “What kind of shoes do I find myself reaching for most in the closet?” 
  3. “What am I missing shoe wise that I really need to replace?”

I find that when I have a plan to shop, I spend money wiser and have zero buyers remorse. So not only do you have the opportunity to snag an amazing pair of shoes for half price, you also have the simple tools to do it well. For all you fellow Type A planners out there, get a head start for fall shoes that are up to 50% off right now! For all of my sale shoppers, shop smart and shop a brand that has one of the best reputations in the shoe industry. Trust me, I am already breaking in my booties as we speak. A huge thank you to Stuart Weitzman for making shoes that look AND feel incredible on! 



3 Ways to Style a Denim Jacket

Hey guys, it’s Aubrey, aka Riane’s intern for the summer! I could not be more thrilled to be a part of StelloStyle and make an appearance on the blog today! First, I’ll give you a little background on myself - then share 3 ways to style a denim jacket (my favorite staple in my wardrobe). 

3 Ways to Style a Denim Jacket .jpg

I am currently going into my senior year at Texas Christian University as a Fashion Merchandising Major, with hopes of becoming a personal stylist after graduation. What better way to pursue that goal than to work for Riane?! I’ve been in love with clothes pretty much since I was born, which is why I recently started my own blog! When a love for something like that is in your bones, you know you need to do something with it. I can’t imagine pursuing any other kind of career that would give me as much joy! I’ve already learned so much from Riane in just one week, and I can’t wait to learn more! 

Now, I know most of you probably own a denim jacket. But if you don’t, I urge you to go buy one asap because 1: it never goes out of style, and 2: you can make so many different outfits with it! Here are 3 different ways to style a denim jacket, including wearing it as a jacket, draping it over the shoulders, and tying it around the waist.

Jacket: As much as I love wearing cute tanks and shorts in the summer, I get so cold the minute I walk into a store or restaurant! I always grab my denim jacket before I walk out the door because it will keep me warm and even help complete my look.

Best Denim Jacket

Draped: Another fun way to style your denim jacket is to drape it over your shoulders. Not only does it add a layer of warmth, it makes your outfit a little more interesting! 

When Can I Wear a Denim Jacket

Waist: This is my go-to outfit for the summer for sure. I love throwing on a simple T-shirt dress with sneakers, but I don’t always love how T-shirt dresses can be kind of boxy. A simple solution to that problem is to tie your denim jacket around your waist to add some shape! Plus, you can easily put it on if needed, and when it’s time to take off, you don’t have to worry about holding onto it!

Best Jean Jacket


Aubrey Chick