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Case and I love to Travel! - And to share our experiences with you. Anytime we go somewhere we blog about what "to do", where to stay, where to eat and any tips and tricks we discover along the way. 


We love our little home - we did a 1960's full remodel and love continually updating and renovating. We love our home to be clean, chic and functional - as our home is our haven; but is also our place to bring friends and family. 


 Fashion is what we do. I am a Dallas Stylist and I love helping others love what they wear. Whether working with a client or sharing my tips on insta - my passion has always been fashion. 


 We have 2 kids - and we have so much fun tougher. We've been on an epic family journey that continues to take us to new places, meet new people and have all kinds of fund...but at the end of the day the thing that matters most to is our family. 


I love working with brands I love - and I love sharing with my readers great finds, sales, and the best & my favorite products I'm putting clients in.