Why we love OLLY Girl Multivitamins!

Is it just me or is working to implement health habits hard work? Life is amazing at this phase, but is also crazy busy! Tanner and I have an understanding of how important vitamins are in her daily routine! Just like how she needs plenty of sleep, she also needs the right nutrition as she grows into a young woman. 

Raising an 11 year old who is going on 25 is often such a challenge. School responsibilities have increased as we’ve moved from Elementary to Middle School, sports commitments have gone from 2 days a week to 5 days a week. Oh, and we are now talking about boys in ways that we never have before, not to mention our family calendar has gotten completely out of control as we’ve entered our “craziest of days…” phase of life. Being a full time mom/business owner/blogger/wife means that I don’t have the time nor the brain capacity to get it all right when it comes to my tween’s nutrition. Enter OLLY Girl multivitamin that helps make her healthy nutrition so much easier! 

OLLY Girl Multi gives my growing girl nutrients that helps boost her immune system during the coming months when we need a little extra boost, supports and maintains her healthy clear skin, helps relieve her stress levels and supports her energy production. She has a lot on her plate right now so these benefits are crucial. 

We have fallen in love with our OLLY multivitamins and are so grateful to have the support she  needs as she becomes a strong, fun, and independent young woman! If you are looking for a great multi vitamin for the girls in your life, OLLY Girl Multi is the way to go! 

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5 reasons why I put my daughter on Social Media with me

You guys may have noticed that I have been implementing more photos and blog posts with Tanner these last few weeks. I wanted to take some time and give you all the reasons why we decided to include her into this crazy time with us!

1. Tanner is THE reason we started StelloStyle and the blog to begin with!

When my sweet girl was diagnosed with dyslexia we knew we would need to be implementing some major changes in our life to make sure she had exactly what she needed educationally moving forward. After much research and discussion we found the perfect fit for her at a private school that offered what she specifically needed! www.Stellostyle.com helps us do exactly that, anytime someone clicks through our website or links to shop it sends us a commission which pays for her educational therapy! 

2. She loves being in front of the camera, and her daddy is taking all the pics! If she looks like a natural to you its because she is! She is simply hanging with me and talking to her daddy. When we would go on photo shoots she was always in the back seat asking to join in on the fun or continually photobombing me. I relented and it has been the most fun, allowing me more time and memories with her. 

3. We wanted to teach her a sense of work ethic and allow her to earn money, and to save instead of just asking for things. 

4. The blog is building her confidence! Having something she can look at and be proud of, and knowing that she is a big part of my job gives her a boost and I love it!

5. I am teaching her what is and isn't appropriate in fashion as a young woman. She loves clothes, big shock! Like, wonder where that came from?!!  

I love getting personal and really getting to know others. I truly want each of you to feel connected with StelloStyle and all that is happening. Thank you for being so very supportive and amazing. Your comments and interaction mean more than you will ever know. When we took the leap and started blogging I wasn't sure where we would be, and now 2 years in I love all that we have learned. There are definitely days when I want to give up and just go back to having more me time, but then I catch a glimpse of my sweet daughter and I am just so very proud. She is the heart behind this for me!