Wear WHITE NOW, don’t wait!!

We have all been told by our mommas and grandmothers that white was only allowed after Easter and not after Labor day. Well, the more fashion continues to evolve the less rules exist. In fact, I find that fashion has become so much more about breaking the rules. White is a color that is fresh, neutral, and needed in every wardrobe! Here we are in February and it is the perfect time to start breaking old spring rules. I want you to pull out your white and start wearing it now! This can tend to be the time where the closet feels stale and dull. All the black and grey that you were crazy about back in September now seems tired and boring. Don’t stress! This feeling is 100% normal! We long for the season change and with that we are ready for a wardrobe change. White is the opposite of black and it just screams sunshine and warmer days. 

I have had so much fun mixing my whites and my off whites from my closet. I tend to choose monochromatic colors and looks because they are simple and classic. White is such a strong color, it works so well in any wardrobe and believe me you will see it all over this spring! It may seem odd to wear white when it is still cold out but nope, you can! Here in Texas, our weather can be random. One day its in the 70’s and then it’s 30 degrees again! I have found some fabulous pieces for layering now and a few for later as it warms up. 

Here are three looks I am sharing that work for cooler and warmer temps! Slouchy sweaters, white denim, and a cotton dress! So take that white out from the back of your closet and move it towards to front. And if you see anything you love here feel free to add that to the mix!



2 must have transitional jackets to wear now

Transition time is that in-between season time when we are all ready to wear something springy and fresh! It can also be tricky to find ways to look like we are naturally gliding into the upcoming season even though the temps may still be a little cool. Sometimes my Texas gals are pulling out their flip flips the minute it gets to 70 degrees! Let's not jump the gun! There is so much that can be worn in that transition time! 

I want to share two jackets that are perfect back with jeans and booties, or heels and flats and really are a great price point. Seriously they are both under $100! One of the ways to be smart with shopping purchases during this time is to make sure and find items that will work all the way through the spring season. I chose these two pieces for myself based on the color and weight! This spring you will see lots of blush and white and cream tones, mixed back with navy and neutrals. I get so excited about the change of seasons and the fresh color pallet that comes with it! 

Topshop makes a mean blazer. This one is unstructured as far as a blazer goes, and it makes for the perfect layering piece! Pinks are a strong color for spring, and I can never resist soft pink tones! This color looks amazing on so many different skin tones, don’t hesitate to give it a try! Whether you have business meetings, love a great layer, or want a current blazer for spring this one does the trick! 

Some moto jackets can feel heavy and bulky, not always an easy throw and go look. Not anymore!! BlankNYC has come up with what they call their, "life changer moto jacket”. They got it right! I snagged this one in ivory and it is too fun! This moto is soft and light weight making it super comfy. Don’t stress about how to wear the color. It’s a neutral, it will go with just about anything! When in doubt, wear solid and simple colors!

If you are in the mood to start working on your spring wardrobe this is a great place to start. Blazers and moto jackets are both staple pieces in any wardrobe. Remember and only buy things that you love and at the same time don't be afraid to step out of your comfort zone!